Biotechnology for everyone

Climate protection and health - the great challenges of our time. We urgently need to adapt our lives and economies to the natural cycles of the planet. The best way to do this is with modern biotechnology: natural systems produce our consumer goods in an environmentally friendly way, not fossil-chemical or physical processes. There are already many such modern products on the market, but unfortunately this information is hardly ever on the label. Here you will find a constantly growing selection of such products with the corresponding information. Welcome!



Healthy and sustainable food with natural ingredients made with biotechnology


Soothing and nurturing active ingredients for the skin from nature's toolbox

Cleaning agents

Biotechnologically produced tensides and enzymes for natural cleanliness


Useful, practical and beautiful things that also fit into natural cycles

Diy store

Modern biotechnology offers craftsmen real, sustainable alternatives



Biotech insights from the BIOCOM publishing house