About us

biospheria®.shop is a joint project of the non-profit European Biotechnology Network AISBL in Brussels and ZENTRALWERK GmbH in Berlin. The aim is to create an attractive marketplace for biotechnology-based consumer goods.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable biotechnological products – most of which are produced with the help of microorganisms in fermenters – are already widely available. However, this information is often absent from the packaging. For instance, the effectiveness of modern detergents in cleaning laundry at lower temperatures, such as 20 or 30 degrees, can be attributed to biotechnologically derived enzymes (biological catalysts). This significantly conserves energy and reduces wastewater pollution. But none of the detergents commercially available today explains this on the label.

In the biospheria®.shop, our customers will find very specific products that are not produced on the basis of fossil chemicals at high pressure and high temperatures, but with the help of natural organisms at normal pressures and temperatures. The focus here is quite deliberately on progress, i.e. innovations based on new scientific findings. Traditional biotechnological items like cheese, beer, and wine are not included in our selection.

The greatest challenge of our time is climate change. Only through new products and processes will we succeed in adapting our lives and economies to the natural conditions of our planet. The biospheria®.shop is a small step on this long road.